Grizzly G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw

Grizzly G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw

This is my Grizzly G0555 Ultimate Bandsaw. I was scared of using it for the longest time.  Turns out I just needed to learn how to setup and adjust it properly. See my Bandsaw Vase post for my first real project with it.

As bandsaws go it comes pretty well equipped with ball bearing blade guides, easy tensioning lever and a good sized 14″ clearance for manipulating pieces around the blade.

Mine was not very well adjusted, I think as a casualty to having been moved (houses) a couple of times before I really got to grips with it, so when I tried to use it on the odd occasion it didn’t perform well and I gave up with it and put it back in the corner.

For the Bandsaw Vase project though, I had no choice so I had to force myself to get past my misgivings and work it out.  I sat and watched a bunch of people using bandsaws on youtube and realized that it couldn’t be that hard and something had to be wrong.  There was no recourse but to read the dreaded manual…  Anyway, needless to say, after going through all the calibration process I got it to a point where it seemed to be working much better than it had been before and I made the vases without too much trouble (other than a distinct lack of technique).  I will continue to push myself to build more projects with this tool to build up my skill.

Grizzly Bandsaw