Cedar Garden Tote Plan

Cedar Garden Tote Plan

My wife loves gardening and I love making her things, so this garden tote was a great quick project that gave me something to build and leave her with something she could use when gardening. It was made out of a couple of cedar fence pickets that I bought from Home Depot for $1.54 each.

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It was very simple to make and really only had three different sized pieces (plus the handle).

Materials needed for the Garden Tote:

Cut List:

  • 7  pieces 12½” long
  • 2 pieces 16½” long for the long sides
  • 2 pieces 13” long for the handles
  • 1 wooden dowel to fit (mine was 17¾”)


  1. Cut all the pieces to length as described in the cut list. I rounded off one end of each of the two handle supports for aesthetics -
  2. Screw the ends onto the long sides making sure you get them square -
  3. Screw one bottom board onto either end of the box -
  4. Spread the three remaining bottom pieces out evenly and screw in -
  5. Attach the two 13″ tall handle side pieces and finally -
  6. Measure the gap between the two handle sides and cut the dowel to fit. Then screw through the handle supports into the dowel

Project Type: Outdoor

Estimated Cost: $5


Hopefully yours turns out as useful as mine has.